y1 A Novel by Sherrie Cronin


Zane swore as a child to someday protect all the odd people in the world. He studied chameleons and muscle groups as he taught himself to alter his own appearance, and it turned out that skills for blending were very helpful to a young boy too smart and too different to fit in well.

But as an adult, things have changed. Zane finds that he now just wants to be himself. He gets a degree in neuroscience to understand abilities that even he recognizes as astonishing. Worst of all, he is fast discovering that everyone is odd. He hadn’t counted on that.

When he lands in the sales department of Penthes Pharmaceuticals, he begins to uncover layers of corporate secrets that ultimately will hide surprisingly vile plans. Sent on a sales boondoggle to the South Pacific, he finds others with talents as surprising as his own and with problems far worse. As his new friends flee the malicious schemes of those who would control them, Zane wants to help. Their freedom-loving philosophy of y1 calls to him.

But first, he must deal with a murder charge. And an unsavory boot camp manager. And serious repercussions from the fact that not everyone at Penthes likes him, or wants him to knows the mysteries that the company has worked so hard to keep hidden.

Can he help them all? Can he even help himself? Fantasy, reality and a bit of speculative science come together as Zane uses all the unique abilities he has to resist turning from a murder suspect into a murder victim. Then he has to sort out just how to keep that childhood promise.

Y1 is book number two in an as yet to be released collection of six. X0 is the first book in the series, which I have yet to read. I found this book a bit slow in the beginning, I think that is due at least in part to the fact that I haven’t read the first book. However once you get a bit into the book it does pick up quite a bit especially toward the end.

Our hero Zane is not your average everyday hero. He is a bit odd and never really fit in that well growing up. He is also ultra intelligent, a righter of wrongs and defender of those who can’t defend themselves and a shape shifter to boot.

The book takes you along many different roads from murder and intrigue to the business of pharmaceutical companies and homosexuality. It gives you a little science fiction, a bit of fantasy with a helping of what I would call young adult romance all rolled into one book. Bottom line folks if you enjoyed Xo well it goes without saying that you will enjoy Y1. If you enjoy the young adult category or reading fantasy you will enjoy this book also. I look forward to reading not only X0 but also the other as yet to be released works of Mrs. Sherrie Cronin.

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