Wild and Crazy Pumpkin Carving Designs

ham burger pumpkin carving

First up is my all time favorite The Hamburger Pumpkin. This one looks so real its good enough to eat. Pure genius I tell you. Kudos to the chef or the swordsman should I say.

Great pumpkin design

I for sure did a double take when I seen this candy corn pumpkin. This idea is genius, but it must have taken some time to add all the candy corn

Great pumpkin carving ideas

Not only does this Metallica pumpkin look awesome, but I also happen to love Metallica.

great pumpkin carving

This one is really scary. I would hate to come across this guy while out at night. Great job guys.

Great pumpkin carving ideas

This one looks really cool. The fire looks almost real under candle light. then you have the little pumpkin head devil and pitchfork, though I am not quite sure what the little alien looking thing is.

I hope these wild and crazy pumpkins have inspired you to make your very own crazy pumpkin this year.


source – extremepumpkins.com

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