The Stereotypical Freaks

the stereotypical freaks by howard shapiro


Four disparate high school seniors come together to compete in their school’s battle of the bands. Sharing a love for playing rock and roll, the members name the band “The Stereotypical Freaks” because they feel stereotyped by their classmates – smart kid, geek, star athlete and quiet weirdo… when in fact they know they are much more than those labels that have been placed on them. When one member reveals life altering news, winning the competition takes on more of a meaning to each member. Scared and angry, upset and yet still with a lot of resolve they set out to win one for the good guys… will they?

The Stereotypical Freaks is a great new graphic novel by Howard Shapiro. It is a perfect read for a typical middle to high school age kid. I think they would find the characters as well as the story to be really relatable. I must say that this is my very first graphic novel and I really did enjoy it. The art was really well done and the story was really easy to follow.

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