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Oven Baked BBQ Ribs

oven baked baby back ribs

Summertime and BBQ go together like ketchup and french fries. We all know BBQ is best when it comes right out of the pit, but sometimes that is just not an option. Maybe it’s raining, maybe you’re out of fuel,

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Chocolate Angel Food Cake

angel food cake

  I do so love an angel food cake. They tend to be light as air and fluffy, soft and sweet. Then you add chocolate to that wonderful light and spongy texture, and you have one great cake. While this

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  We all loved those frozen chicken pot pies when we were kids. Now that I’m all grownup those pies just don’t taste like they use to. So I wanted to update that age old favorite chicken pot pie with a homemade

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southern sloppy joes

  Southern sloppy joes are so easy to make and your family is gonna love them. This is one of those recipes that you can double up on, and make extra for leftovers. These are so easy after you brown your meat

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Warm Lemon Pudding Cake


  If you’re looking for the perfect pick me up for the winter blahs, I have the perfect dessert treat for you. This wonderful warm wintertime treat is a delicious lemon pudding cake. Served warm, it will warm your heart and the

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Way down here in the south we like to make these super yummy, caramel, crunchy things called pralines. I do promise to post up my recipe for pralines really soon, but for now though I bring you an easy to

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  Are you ready for the very best chocolate cake ever? This easy to make, award winning recipe is a sure fire winner each and every time. It is very very moist, rich and delicious chocolate cake that would make a

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  Jambalaya… crawfish pie… filet’ gumbo…With Fat Tuesday right around the corner I can think of no better time to share with y’all my recipe for Cajun jambalaya. One of the great things about this classic New Orleans dish is

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best dessert ever

  If you only ever try one thing from this site, let this yummy dessert be the one.  Bananas foster is my all time favorite dessert. This is classic New Orleans food at its very best. First introduced in 1951 by the

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slow cooker pulled pork

  This recipe for slow cooker pulled pork is about the easiest thing you will ever cook. With only a few ingredients, it just doesn’t get much easier than this. You just put it in your slow cooker and forget

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Hot Cocoa Mousse

hot chocolate mouse

  When the cold days of winter set in its always nice to reach for something warm to drink. My personal favorite warm beverage of choice is hot chocolate with a big scoop of whipped cream on top. Now I

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Classic Thumbprint Cookies

classic thumbprint cookies

Y’all are gonna love this. A wonderful Christmas classic thumbprint cookie that is super easy to make and only five ingredients. No that was not a typo folks, they really are only five ingredients. With these cookies it’s all about

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Breakfast Bake

holiday breakfast bake

With Christmas right around the corner you may find yourself with a big group of hungry mouths to feed and not much time to do it in. This is a great way to feed a crowd a delicious breakfast or

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Pumpkin Bread

maine pumpkin bread

  Here is a great easy to make, go to recipe for pumpkin bread. I like to make this every year to give away as Christmas presents. If you are making it for yourself however, you could also whip up

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Cheesy Potato Cups

baked potato

Alright now who is tired of eating your potatoes the same way each and every time? My guess is that a lot of you are tired of the same old thing. Well here I have a solution for you. A

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