More Wild and Crazy Pumpkin Ideas

Happy Halloween to everyone, and on behalf of the holiday I thought we could have some fun. More wild and crazy pumpkins from around the web. Tomorrow I promise no more Halloween themed food and no more crazy pumpkins. The only pumpkins we will talk about are the ones we eat.

 Da Bomb

crazy pumpkin ideas

Balinese Face Pumpkin

crazy pumpkin carving

Black Nail Pumpkin

crazy pumpkin ideas

 Brace Face Pumpkin

crazy Pumpkin carving

Bugged Eyed Pumpkin

crazy pumpkin carving

Cannibal Pumpkin

crazy pumpkin carving

Zombies Escaping Pumpkin

crazy pumpkin carving

Evil Clown Pumpkin

crazy pumpkin carving


crazy pumpkin carving

Toolbox Pumpkin

crazy pumpkin ideas

Vamp Pumpkin

crazy pumpkin carving

crazy pumpkins

Special Delivery Pumpkin

Childbirth pumpkin part 2

Leave it to the O. B. nurses to come up with the crazy ones. With this one I leave you, until next year. Hope you and your family have a very happy and safe Halloween.

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