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Now you can not only think green on St Patrick’s Day but you can also drink green. With these easy three steps you will be transforming your taps in no time.

  1. Use light-colored beer. The lighter the beer, the brighter the color. A dark beer will require more food coloring to get the same green hue. Too much food coloring and you’ll end up with green teeth. Yuck!
  2. Add beer to the coloring. To avoid flat beer, grab a large frosty beer mug, and squeeze in 3 – 5 drops of green food coloring. Slowly pour beer from a 12-ounce can or a 16-ounce bottle into the glass. Watch the color mix as the beer goes in. Want more color? Add a drop or two more of food coloring. Put the beer in first? NO! You’ll have to stir the beer which will make it will go flat.
  3. Only use green squeeze-bottle food coloring. Stick with the green food coloring that comes in the little squeeze bottles. Adding blue to yellow-hued beer seems like a clever alternative, but we don’t recommend. (You’ll end up with turquoise beer.) Also you will want to avoid coloring pastes.

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One comment on “HOW TO MAKE GREEN BEER
  1. Kathy says:

    I am not a fan of beer, but this is so cool!! Just awesome for St. Patrick’s Day!


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