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Great Ideas To Make Your Life Easier

Always have a dish cloth on hand

1. “File” Your Clothes   Avoid messy dresser drawers by “filing” your clothing side-by-side instead of stacking items on top of each other. 2. Remove Scratches From A DVD   Has putting your childs favorite DVD on constant repeat finally taken

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st patrick's day green beer

  Now you can not only think green on St Patrick’s Day but you can also drink green. With these easy three steps you will be transforming your taps in no time. Use light-colored beer. The lighter the beer, the

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Rainbow Bacon

Colored Bacon

  Can you believe a bacon rainbow? Oh my goodness this is pure genius!  No, this bacon was not a victim of photoshop. This is real colored bacon. And you can eat it! Nom, nom, nom! It’s probably the most delicious rainbow I

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How to Make Royal Icing

making royal icing

Yesterday we talked about my favorite sugar cookies for icing. You can find that recipe here . Now lets talk about royal icing. For icing cookies royal icing is always your go to icing. It dries hard and opaque so that

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Meringue Cookies

meringue cookies

  Alright lets talk meringues. You will love these meringue cookies, they are crispy on the outside and  melt in your mouth soft and puffy on the inside. There are a few things to keep in mind when making meringue cookies. The

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How to boil an egg

Egg Size Degree of Doneness Time Required Medium Soft-cooked yolk 3 minutes   Medium-cooked yolk 5 minutes   Hard-cooked yolk 12  minutes Large Soft-cooked yolk 4 to 5 minutes   Medium-cooked yolk 6 minutes   Hard-cooked yolk 17 minutes Extra

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