These super cute baby bird cupcakes are the perfect choice for your Easter festivities. I have seen several variations on this recipe, however this time I used a vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting. You are welcome of course to use the cupcake and frosting of your choice.

If you are making these for Easter, one great idea is to make a double batch, and change it up a bit. You can put three small chocolate Easter eggs on top instead of the three baby bluebirds. While I think the birds are just too cute, the little Easter eggs make things just super easy. Which ever way you choose everyone will flip for these super cute baby bluebird cupcakes.


  • 1 batch cupcakes, any flavor – (I used vanilla)
  • Shredded coconut
  • Pastry bags (large round and small “V” tips)
  • Chocolate or vanilla frosting
  • Vanilla frosting, (for birds)
  • Blue and yellow icing color
  • Chocolate, for the eyes – (I used some small chocolate chips)


  1.  Level cupcakes if necessary with a small paring knife. Toast the shredded coconut and let cool completely before proceeding. (I like to toast coconut in a non-stick skillet, as it is much easier to control the browning and less likely to burn than when using the oven.) Transfer to a bowl.
  2. Using a pastry bag, pipe a ring or two of  frosting around the outside edge of each cupcake to form the foundation of the nest (the tip you use doesn’t really matter since it will be covered with coconut anyway). Sprinkle a large amount of the toasted coconut over each  frosting. Shake off the excess.
  3. Color some of the vanilla frosting light blue. Using a pastry bag fitted with a wide round tip, pipe three mounds of frosting into the center of each nest to make the birds’ bodies. (If there is a little peak on the top of your mounds, just wait a few minutes until the icing begins to set and then gently smooth it down with a toothpick or your finger.) Color the remaining vanilla frosting yellow, and using a pastry bag fitted with a small “V” tip, pipe a beak onto each bird. Melt chocolate in a microwave safe bowl, in 20-30 second intervals until completely melted. Dip a toothpick in the chocolate and dot eyes onto each bird.

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